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San Diego Living – Ask The Drama Queen

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Brooke Lewis Wins Best Actress In A Drama Award At The Actors Awards 2017

“With a panache few actors attain Miss Lewis mesmerizes the audience in a film that is dark yet startles the imagination, exemplifying the most severe parts of the human pathos requiring a strong actor to pull off and she does so with stellar perfection. Brava!” – Actors Awards Lead Judge, Kelly Karavites

Winner - Best Actress in a DramaSprinklesBestActressInADrama

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Brooke Lewis Is Honored With The Mary Pickford Award At Zed Fest 2016


This Award is to Highlight Women in The Film Arts. We call it the “The Pickford Award” In honor the Great Mary Pickford Silent Film Pioneer. Mary Pickford was a Canadian-American motion picture actress, co-founder of the film studio United Artists and one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In addition she starred in countless films,including several in the Action Genre making her one of the first action film stars. She produced many of her films having started in film acting as child she understood the medium better than most and knew early on that artists in film needed to be protected and have more control over their work. She also was instrumental in archiving early silent films, including Charlie Chaplin Films.

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Brooke Lewis Is Honored With Best Actress Award At Film & Screenplay Contest 2017

“As impressive and well executed as Psycho Therapy was, I need to pay special homage to you, Brooke Lewis, actress… You were SUPERB! Massive, massive congratulations to you. You were captivating throughout.” – Editor, Andrew Hannon

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Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess Author Brooke Lewis


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Breaking Dating with Brooke & Bronte Talk Show on TradioV

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Ms. Vampy’s Teen Tawk: There’s A Lotta Power In Ya Choices Book


A Vampylicious Self-help Book For Teen Girls. Ms. Vampy is a Vampiress from Brooklyn with a mission! Do you know how many teen girls struggle with the courage to make the right choices and find their own voice? Her mission is to empower teen girls to be courageous, so they can make the right choices and find their own voice. She may be over 100 years old now, but, remember, Vampires never grow up! She still feels like a teenager at heart and she struggles with the same issues and challenges she did 85 years ago. She’s also been through over 100 years of challenges and experiences, which inspires her to share both her mistakes and successes with you.

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