Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess Author Brooke Lewis


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Breaking Dating with Brooke & Bronte Talk Show on TradioV

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Ms. Vampy’s Teen Tawk: There’s A Lotta Power In Ya Choices Book


A Vampylicious Self-help Book For Teen Girls. Ms. Vampy is a Vampiress from Brooklyn with a mission! Do you know how many teen girls struggle with the courage to make the right choices and find their own voice? Her mission is to empower teen girls to be courageous, so they can make the right choices and find their own voice. She may be over 100 years old now, but, remember, Vampires never grow up! She still feels like a teenager at heart and she struggles with the same issues and challenges she did 85 years ago. She’s also been through over 100 years of challenges and experiences, which inspires her to share both her mistakes and successes with you.

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